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Westwood Awards, 17.03/17

Here are this week’s superstars. Congratulations children!

Dragon Watch!

Year 5 delivered a brilliant assembly last Friday (17.03.17) all about dragons. There were news presenters, tips on how to train a dragon, news clips, art work, poetry and even a song to finish. Well done Robins-you are all superstars!


Westwood Achievement Awards

Well done to all the children who received a certificate in our Celebration Assembly today. Ava was awarded The Westwood Star this week for her enthusiasm and for the huge progress she has made since starting school. Congratulations Ava, I am proud of you!

The joy of reading

Mr Masson’s Hedgehog class led a fabulous assembly all about their love of reading. The whole school was captivated by Charlie’s story telling, Abby’s Philip Pullman inspired story and Kyle’s fascinating fact that more than 800 million people in the world cannot read. An inspiring assembly Y4!



Last Friday (3rd March 2017), our Badger class led an informative assembly about anti-bullying where they told the children and our visitors all about the different types of bullying and what to do if you or a friend is being bullied.  Great confidence and clear speaking skills-we are ever so proud of you Year 3!

(Click on each image to enlarge.)



This week we are focusing on respect. During assembly we read  and talked about the book, ‘I Don’t care!’

In class and at play times the children are going to try to think about what they say and do by playing friendly games and treating others how they themselves would like to be treated.


Last week, the children discussed how the little birds in the clip (see 13.01.17 post) could make the big bird feel welcome.






This is what the KS1 children suggested:

  • Smile and say ‘tweet’ hello
  • Let the big bird join them on the wire
  • Give the big bird a hug
  • Play a friendly game

It goes to show how welcoming and tolerant the children at Westwood are!

Tolerance and Respect

In school this term, the children are learning about Tolerance and Respect; fundamental British Values.

During assembly we watched this video and next week we will talk about how the big bird feels. We are also going to talk about how the little birds could make the big bird feel welcome.

In my blog next week, I will post some the children’s comments and responses.

Sports Award

Westwood were runners up in the  Primary School of the Year 2015-16 category at the Chorley Sports Award.


Our super, enthusiastic PE leader, Mr McGregor receiving the award with Cooper and Ryan.   A proud moment!

Key Stage 2 SATS

‘I’ve really enjoyed this week’ Lucas, Year 6.

Great focus and positive attitudes from all our Year 6 children. We’re proud of you!


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